Raffle Ticket

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Purchase a ticket for our £500 charity raffle!

All you have to do is buy a ticket and guess how many miles our trusty 1994 VW Golf will make it before we have to abandon her and set out on foot!

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Any orders received without a mileage stated will be randomly allocated a mileage guess by Salop2Saigon. If you wish to change this mileage, you must email us via our website with your stated mileage guess.
  2. All proceeds go to Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.
  3. Winner announced on 24th August 2017.
  4. Tickets purchased by anyone believed to be aged under 16 years will be cancelled and refunded.
  5. Salop2Saigon's decision on the final vehicle mileage will be final.
  6. A maximum of 20 tickets may be purchased per entrant.
  7. Salop2Saigon reserve the right to cancel any orders and a refund will be provided.
  8. Entries are only permitted to those who reside in the UK (inc. N. Ireland)
  9. The receipt sent to your email address at the point of sale will also be your ticket for this draw and must be retained.
  10. Entries will not be accepted after 14th July 2017.
  11. Refunds will be issued on request until 14th July 2017. No tickets will be refunded after midnight on 14th July 2017.
  12. Salop2Saigon is registered with Shropshire County Council as a Small Society Lotteries License holder. License Number: 16/04056/SSLR

Social Responsibility, Gambling and Lotteries Policies:

If you would like to review these policies, please contact us using the webform on our website www.salop2saigon.com